We, as MİR DEKOR, created a specialized brand in the area of office furniture by combining our experience goes back to 1983 and our manufacturing power. We manufacture hundreds of furniture, sofas and office seats thanks to our advanced manufacturing technology we used in our production plant. Our company realizes its furniture sales in the sector through two separate ways. One of them is contractual sales inclusive wholesales that directed towards corporate customers. Another one is retail sales by displaying of products that directed to individual consumers. MİR DEKOR, realizes its sales through solution partners and representatives in Ankara and in other provinces that each of them has technical staff in relation to marketing and projecting. Our company makes joint studies with investor companies as well as main contractors, operators and/or project-liable companies. MİR DEKOR, presents its preproduction services and then realizes its manufacturing process in case of turn-key projects or for the designed manufacturing applications that it undertakes limited with furniture. Designed manufacturing applications are being realized either by its own manufacturing power or by technical and logistical organizations. Our Company has a computer controlled equipment pool which ensures precision and fast production. MİR DEKOR, is carrying on its business with its wood, paint & surface applications, metal, furnishing and assembling departments in the plant established in Ankara thanks to its professional and technical staff that combines human factor with the technology under control of product development and quality experience. We manufacture all our products in accordance with the ISO 9001 standards and in the assurance of TSE Service Competent Certificate. Our after-selling service unit presents maintenance and mending supports for all our products during and after warranty period. Our purpose is to present selective and quality products to all our individual and corporate customers in national and international areas thanks to our rich product options and special project support.